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LATEST: Registration in progress at HFBI ADVANCE SCHOOL for 2019 session. Be part of this school where christian leaders recieve requisite biblical training in preparedness for the furtherance of the gospel.


harvest bible institute

Talking about an institue with distinction, Harvest field bible institute is no pushover.The institute is made up of five schools which extends to:

harvest bible institute

The schools are well-structured in such a way that each of them enhance the spiritual development of a first-timer in the church to the stage at which they are fully inducted as a full member and then the ladder unto being a worker as well as to leadership positions in the church begins to unfold.

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Attend the beginners class in order to have a good foundation about the basic tennets of Life in Christ Jesus.This school, runs once in every 3 months.

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Go beyond the stage of a visitor in Harvest field Int'l church to a fully inducted member by attending the "Stepping school". This school runs twice in a year.

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Interested in becoming a worker in Harvest field Int'l church? Then attend the "Basic school" where all our volunteer church workers get the requisite knowledge to serve God to the fullest.This school runs once in a year

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In Harvest field Int'l church, you can attain spiritual maturity by attending "Advance school" thus getting yourself prepared to become a leader in the church. This school runs once in 2 years.

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