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Steps To Unlimited Testimonies In Jesus Name


lecture | convention 2018

Updated Dec.26, 2018

Unlimited testimonies does not come in an automatic way, but human efforts also plays an important role in this issue. Some of these roles are spiritual while the rest are physical,but both are very necessary to achieve the desired goal in life. No man wants to be a failure on earth and every individual plans to be a living testimony to the glory of God. In this lecture, the roles are splitted into "steps" which will be taken systematically.



picture (Jeremiah.4:3)

So many things are to be attended to in life while counless numbers of resources are left untapped. the journey to a lasting and unlimited testimonies is not a day job, but requires a gradual process. This process starts from the heart and this is about the willingness to make a move that will eventually leads to life achievement. to break up a fallow ground is to step out, to act and to do the needful.

i. Break up the Spiritual Fallow Ground:

One who is spiritually dead, should not expect God to be involved in his case. We are serving a highly principled God, who will not make any mistake when it comes to handling the issues of man. For a lasting testimony in the name of Jesus, you maust have direct connection with that Jesus and this is possible Lord and Saviour. A life without spiritual light of Christ is a fallow ground. Human effort us not enough, we need God's hands (John 8:12, Ps. 44:3).

ii. Do the Needful:
Breaking up your fallow ground includes action taking. You Can't ignore the necessary things to do and expect all things to work out fine. Your fallow ground is that step you have never been able to take, even while it is the most crucial in your life. You can't keep doing the same thing and expect different result. Break up that new ground and experience unlimited testimonies (Psalm,23:4; Deut. 31:6).


SOW THE GOOD SEED (Prov.11:11; Lk.13:19).

Whatever you plan to do, put in your best. Your seed is the effort you make. Achieving unlimited testimonies require seed-sowing both secularly and spiritually. In sowing the spiritual seed towards sthe things of God, put in the best because it determines what you get back from Him. Every other efforts you make; put in your very best (2nd Cor.9:6; Gal: 6:7).



The wind here refers to the distractions, obstacles and the hurdles to cross before arriving at the desired destination. He who is mindful of the wind and the cloud will not take the bold step step to sow, and such a person will also have nothing to reap at harvest time. Waiting endlessly for a conducive and favorable condition before taking the right step is an act of procrastination and it debars one's testimony ( Matt.10:33; Psalm 1:1-3). One who is reluctant to walk with Jesus to the sorrounding influences like friends and families, will deny himself of God's favor.

To be continued..

The Real Man


Harvest Field | convention 2018

Updated Dec.26, 2018

A man is known by both his maturity and ability to take responsibilities when necessary. He is not a man just because he is married, but because he knows what is expected of him and does it properly.

men at work

The ability to become a real man depends on the willingness to change. He seeks knowledge and he is flexible enough to acknowledge areas of weaknesses for the positive amendment. He is not known through arrogance and pride.

man studying the bible


  1. Who is your close associate? (Prov.13:20)
  2. What are you changing? (Micah 6:8)
  3. How are you working on your spirituality?
  4. Do you plan for the future? (Jer.29:11)
  5. How wisely do you spend?(1st Tim.6:17-19)
  6. Your diligence matters.(Prov.22:29)

  7. You must rise to the challenge of being a real man (1st Kings 2:1-3).

COMING UP NEXT: "A praying family"

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